INCT CID - National Institute of Science and Technology in Data Sciences


These are the specific goals guiding the activities of INCT-CiD:

  • Human resource training: The human resources training is one of the key specific goals aimed at providing the scientific advances of the data science area in Brazil. The new data science professional presents a set of interdisciplinary competences rarely found in professionals qualified and trained at the vertical programs usually offered in classical universities. In this context, the INCT-CiD sets as a goal to contribute on qualifying a new data science professionals at several training levels. One initiative in that sense is the set of summer courses offered yearly as a Data Science Journey at LNCC since 2014.
  • Internationalization: The institute has already partnerships established with universities and research centers from abroad. The already established international collaborations should be strengthened and new collaborations should be planned aiming at enhancing data science area in Brazil.
  • Knowledge transfer to the private / public sector: The INCT-CiD seeks to establish partnerships with companies or institutions from both the public and private sectors to transfer knowledge developed at the institute. There is also possibilities to establish partnerships in joint projects of research and innovation involving academia, companies, or the public sector under cooperation agreements.
  • Knowledge transfer to the society: The INCT-CiD should transfer knowledge to the society through scientific publications but also dissemination activities to the general public.
  • Basic research on data management, data analysis, and complex networks: The INCT-CiD should advance the state-of-the-art of research on big data management and on the support to big data analysis. The INCT-CiD should advance the state-of-the-art on data analysis research through the development of techniques, algorithms and solutions for massive data analysis. In this context, the INCT-CiD is mainly acting at data analysis processes, analysis techniques of large volumes of data, and hypothesis oriented analysis. The INCT-CiD is also investigating the characterization, analysis, and modeling of large-scale dynamic complex networks.
  • Applied research of fundamental aspects of large-scale data analysis: The INCT-CiD should effectively strengthen partnerships with other science areas and demanding areas from the private/public sectors. These partnerships should better define the relevant application scenarios upon which the results of the institute should build to ensure the interest of the society in the obtained outcomes of the institute. Moreover, the INCT-CiD intends to be a national reference in data science for other INCTs targeting other particular disciplines, but that deal with a large amount of data.